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Beautiful dude! Glad to see ya back with new work on Newgrounds. CHEERS!

Excellent production, my friend!

This being newgrounds, I'm sure you know it's users are accustomed to a certain set of familiarities, such as file size (as you have already mentioned), format, and subject matter.

Without getting into the details and politics, you have managed to break through all those barriers and presented newgrounds with something unique, and downright awesome!

There are a few technical aspects that could use some "ironing out". For instance the animation could be improved upon a bit, but that's more the animator in me talking, not the film maker. And that's what this was. It's a blend of different medias, and honestly, the jerky animation worked well with the childlike dream aesthetic. It's New Media, and well done!

Keep it up and I look forward to seeing more of your work.


Excellent work!

You did a great job on this. You fbf work is awesome! There was something moving in every scene and that definitely gave life to the piece. You can tell you put alot of work into this one, so my hats of to ya :)


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The gameplay is pretty fun, and the addition of the arrow/teleport mechanic is a nice touch. It's pretty clear you used the Super Platform Engine in Construct 2. You might have wanted to change up the art.

mapacarta responds:

Thanks. No I didn't use the engine you mentioned. I developed the game with Phaser 3 library and purchased the graphic assets from graphicriver.


My fav is the psycho


I remember playing this when you first released it a while ago. It was fun then and it was fun today! It's a very memorable playing experience. Good music, cute characters and an adorable voice actor :)

I personally didn't have any trouble at the begining, but that might also have something to do with the fact that I don't suck at video games! When I needed health I either played till I died or killed enemies for hearts. Really not all that difficult...

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Epically Brutal!

This song made me want to strap on my plate mail, grab my battle axe, and fly my dragon to the nearest, biggest, meanest beast i could find. I would then proceed to dismember and disimbowel the creature for I am the ripper, the tearer, the thrasher, and all those other cool things Beowolf said.

In all seriousness this has got to be one of the best songs out on Newgrounds right now. You have no idea how relieving it is to hear something that isn't techno, drum-n-bass, or video game music (not that i don't appreciate those forms of music). There were a few breakdowns that made my hair stand up on end.

Excellent work!


JonSantiago responds:

Hell ya lets slay some dragons together! Thanks for listening and the review.


It really is a damn shame this game didn't get made


I realize this is more a journey than music, but i feel it needs a melody you can follow. When those high pitched violins kick it almost made me anxious for some kinda beat to drop or some melody to kick in, but it didn't. That evoked a mix of emotions which is always nice, but i feel this could use maybe more of that piano you started it with.

You wouldn't get any better if i wasn't honest

3/5 7/10

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Most Ecellent, DUDE!

digging it! keep up the great work

Noscium responds:


I bet you're terrible DM to have as a player. I love it!

jouste responds:


I do love to DM and typically cause more trouble than is necessary. I still think I like playing a bit more tho...


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